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  • Camille Babin


From a very young age we were told to shine, to be the first, to be on top…but we forgot that you shine to make someone else’s path brighter, you go first so you can lead OTHERS.

SELF has replaced OTHERS, and now we don’t live to make things better, to help others, to care for others we are taught to think about me, my, I …

I remember how we used to take the time to take pictures of the sunset, the colorful birds, the tall trees and beautiful flowers... everything ELSE did matter. We used to take time to appreciate everything ELSE, we used to stop to enjoy nature, people, simple stories, go on adventures just to be with someone ELSE.

When did ELSE become SELF?

Many people, today, do not care about creating deep, meaningful, long-lasting relationships; it’s all so superficial. We have lost the meaning of society, community, brotherhood; the basic notions that used to keep us TOGETHER.

But, you, Precious baby when I tell you to "shine", I want you to be the light that you were created to be. Seek to make a difference in someone ELSE's life, bring a smile on someone ELSE’s face, take the time to listen to someone ELSE, take a beautiful picture of someone ELSE, care for someone ELSE.

A lamp does not ever shine for itself; it shines for others to see.

Turn your lights on!


  • Camille Babin

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